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Kaj felt his cock jerking -- stiffening and stretching inside his pants. Quiet sighs and moans were heard from the audience. And suddenly Gitte's cries of ecstasy cut through the funky music: "I'm coming! Bjarne stood up, savoring the sight of Gitte, lying half naked and quivering in front of him. Inch by inch Bjarne's cock penetrated Gitte's cunt. " Grabbing her ankles, he forced her legs even wider apart.

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Bjarne grabbed the root of his cock and began to masturbate. Massaging it skillfully, Bjarne kept it as hard and stiff as before.

A thick drop of semen dripped from the tip and onto the stage floor, but the cock did not go soft. Gitte screamed as his cock penetrated her cunt from behind.

Good to know for all those SMS sonnets you are composing. If you are typing, the bubbles will come up on the recipient’s end immediately.

After the bubbles have disappeared, you can continue to edit that message as much as you want, they won’t reappear until after you’ve hit ‘send’ and started a new message.

Or perhaps you needed to go to the dictionary app to check if you are spelling something When Person B begins replying to a text, Person A’s phone shows the bubbles immediately. After those 60 seconds, the bubbles will disappear, even if they are still typing. To Person A, it may look like Person B has fainted/given up/met someone else, but they may actually be still typing.

Or perhaps you are conscious of how long it is taking you to compose the perfect cute message?Unsurprisingly, the audience was almost entirely male. Only a single red-headed woman sat locked in embrace with a man. On stage was a writing desk with a typewriter and an old office chair. " Gitte's eyes opened wide as she stared at the huge member. "Surely, miss -- you didn't think I was done with you, did you? He lifted up her shapely bottom and guided his swollen member up underneath her. " He grabbed her and placed her on the desk, face down. Just sit down and enjoy the show." Jørgen walked up to the desk next to the stage where the record player was. But you have to go now." "I believe I can be of some assistance," Bjarne growled, stepping right up to the desk.