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Mc Quaid, James, ch scientist, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env.Pryor, Arthur John, former head, Competition Policy Division, Dept of Trade and Indust.Walker, The Hon Miles Rawstron, CBE, ltly chief minister, Isle of Man Govt, serv the Govt of the Isle of Man.

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Knight Commander (KCB) Wilson, Richard Thomas James, CB, Permanent under sec, Home Off.Companion (CB) Chant, Elizabeth Ann, Ch exec, Child Support Agency, DSS.Hogg, David Alan, Dep Treas Solicitor, Treas Solicitors Dept.Janvrin, Robin Berry, CVO, dep private sec to the Queen.Richards, Brian Mansel, CBE, exec chm, Peptide Therapeutics Ltd, serv the biotechnol ind.

Rowland, John David, chm, Lloyd's of London, serv the ins ind.

The Prime Minister's List LIFE PEERS Bagri, Raj Kumar, CBE, chm, London Metal Exchange and chm, Met Dist Ltd.

Emerton, Dame Audrey Caroline, DBE, DL, ch offr, Care in the Commty and co-chm, med bd, St John Ambulance; chm, Brighton Health Care NHS Trust. PRIVY COUNCILLORS: Davis, David Michael, MP for Boothferry and Minr of State, FCO.

Devereau, George Michael, former Ch exec, CO Information.

Essery, David James, head of Group 1, Home Dept, Scott Off. Hawtin, Brian Richard, former asst under sec (Home and Overseas), MOD.

Laing, John Martin Kirby, CBE, DL, chm, John Laing plc, serv the construction ind. Meadow, Prof Samuel Roy, serv paediatrics and to the R College of Paediatrics and child hlth.