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Much to the contrary, we believe that BDSM is an alternative form of lovemaking, rich in artistic and educational value, although it is often viewed by those with limited sexual experience and education as being risque or otherwise outside social norms." 5.

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I am 53, Mom is 70 - both of our birthdays are in January, so we'll both be a year older soon!

Many have asked about how Mom and I started, so I thought I'd post it here for all to see... My step-father, her husband, had passed two years earlier.

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You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Real Time is a live feed interactive bdsm webshow where live bdsm scenes are played out in front of the camera. * Interactive chat with members, staff, and models.The show is streamed live and members participate via live chat to interact with the show and its participants. A live feed is a real time bdsm live show that is a direct correspondence and cooperative project between the Handler aka "on camera" Dominant, the model aka "subject" and the members. * Real time member voting on bdsm activities and scenarios. Additionally on the RTB site, members participate in a forum where they can interact with the subject of the feed and all of the staff at Intersec in between live shows.Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the father-of-one explained that he's more than happy to discuss his sexual preferences, but he wasn't prepared to speak about it when it was brought up at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, in a room full of journalists.I found it very humiliating for somebody to decide that on his dime and his time, to openly and inelegantly pursue a line of questioning which I could only sense at the moment - which was quite awkward - that it was zeroing in on a reaction from me that would become a topic of discussion that had nothing to do really, really to do with what was there.'Discussing the fact the question had nothing to do with the film in question - although the journalist argued it was so - Tom said: 'That really, really annoyed me.It was just the inelegance of being asked in a room full of people...'Now I'm happy to have a conversation, a discussion, at a reasonable time about anything.