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The full 2.75-mile trail-in-progress aims to provide Baton Rougeans with a safe option to get around the city. Check out Burbank Dog Park, too, which even includes a wash station to clean up your pup. Come prepared: You will need a canoe to pull a flamingo out of the water. Convert green space into with citizen group Baton Rouge Green’s City Citrus. Make yourself feel a little less like you’re in the Sahara Desert and a little more like you’re in a tropical getaway by crest downtown.Volunteers establish and care for mini orchards near businesses, churches, schools and libraries. It’s an annual rite of spring in Baton Rouge: watching the river come dangerously close to topping the levees as rainwater and snowmelt from up north make their way dowstream.

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You can also find laser tag at Skate Galaxy, Quarters or Cajun Laser Tag.

Born-and-raised Louisianans all remember the commercials, right?

Here are some recommendations of food to feed your soul. Heaping fried seafood platters, po-boys heavy with shrimp, oysters and catfish, cold oysters on the half shell, gumbo and other Cajun specialties make this rustic eatery a winning spot for locals and visitors. Have your sandwich dressed and pressed at at Mansurs on the Boulevard. First launched in Greenville, Mississippi, in 1941, Doe’s has a deep, rich history. Read your way through For inspiration on what to cook next, or for some historical context about Louisiana’s emblematic food culture, pick up a book by a local chef, blogger or food journalist.

The romantic bar is a great place to stop off for a glass of wine and a dozen fresh Gulf bivalves shellacked with buttery, cheesy and herby toppings. The diner is the stuff of Baton Rouge late nights, where a crowd of revelers falls into a Big Cheesy Lou or a veggie omelet after the watering holes close. Savor Delta-style beef tamales, fresh-cut steaks and classic cocktails like the expertly prepared Ramos Gin Fizz. Sharpen your skills at The school turns out talented new chefs, but it also helps regular folks hone their chops through weekend leisure courses. Start with Chef John Folse and Holly Clegg, and work your way through many titles published by LSU Press. Get the redfish at Located just far enough from the center of town to feel like you’re getting away, Roberto’s is a great place to enjoy a leisurely dinner. The pappardelle used in the pasta Lombardia is made fresh. Such is the commitment of Chef Elton Hyndman to scratch-made items and locally sourced ingredients at his cozy Italian eatery. Wait—hold the “w.” Here, the only avalanche we have to worry about is the influx of snoballs warm weather brings.

Chianti bottle garlands and Old World figurines grace the walls, while Italian opera plays. Stop and smell the The Baton Rouge food experience isn’t complete without a fix of chicken shawarma, feta salad, baba ghanoush, rosewater-spiked iced tea and other Lebanese mainstays.

Its red gravy recipe takes several days to complete. Since the ’80s, Mediterranean restaurants have taken root in the community, and their momentum hasn’t faded.

They always featured footage of kids having a blast at the water park that just made you want to go. Switch up your lunch break plans and head to for breakfast, lunch and dessert.

Well, the parks are open for summer, so now’s the time to hop on a thrill ride or take a dive down a water slide at the park. Open weekdays in the heart of campus, the LSU Dairy Store’s products are made by LSU Ag Center students. With a smokehouse and a broad Southern menu, Frank’s feels like diner heaven.

Ten years have passed, but it’s remained one of the most popular articles on 225 And Baton Rouge has evolved beyond what any of us might have pictured a decade ago.

And while much of that original list is included in this brand-new cover story you are reading today, much of it is, well, not. Included on the original list: Shopping for leather slingbacks at the now-closed Imelda’s Fine Shoes’s semi-annual tent sales. We’re proud to say we did not need to include any road trips this time around.

An absolute must for out-of-town visitors and locals alike, Tony’s has everything from fresh local seafood to live catfish to plate lunches. Get your fix of Mexican—with a Louisiana twist—at on the ceiling while you wait for an old-school burger at George’s.