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So, I continued walking up the stairs to the 4th floor to my office, where I was working on a map of the United States because the weather was changing all over the country, and I was putting a coating of light orange paint all over the map - the kind of paint you could see the color, but still see the features beneath.

My boss walked in and asked me if that was my original art work, and I was honest and told him that I hadn't created the map, but was just coloring it orange like it was going to look in the future.

SEOUL, South Korea: North Korea allowed a South Korean cargo vessel to return home Wednesday after investigating its crew members over a ship collision that left two North Koreans dead, an official said.

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In my dream I actually experienced the collision in real life as it was occurring, and then dreamed it like the ship was made of green plastic (similar to the greenhouse Joe and I are building in our yard) It seemed so real, that after the dream I woke up and asked Joe if he had heard an news about a ship explosion somewhere. While I was working on my web page, I went to my rival's web page to see what she was talking about.She was talking about me and her opinion of my work, which was not very nice, but I thought I would make peace with her because I also dreamed that she and I both moved and ended up living right across the street from each other.Denser sea routes increase the probability of an accident in particular a collision involving ships or ships and shore or offshore structures.Due to extremely large masses and relatively high velocities the energy involved in such an accident is astonishing: the collision energy of a 10000t Ro Ro passenger at a speed of 30kn, is equivalent to 10000 cars of approximately 1t each, impacting a small area with a speed of approximately 55km/h (the speed used in Euro NCAP side impact tests for cars).(0600 GMT) to return to the South, said Kim Ho-nyeon, a spokesman at the South Korean Unification Ministry.

South Korea's Coast Guard said the vessel crossed into South Korean waters and was sailing toward a southern port.As I got back to my own office building, I ran into two people who had injured themselves.Both were wearing grey gabardine coveralls like workman.Dee As sea routes are getting denser and ship speeds higher, there is a good possibility that a ship may experience an important accident during her lifetime.Higher speeds may cause larger operational loads, like slamming, or excessively severe loads, for example during a collision.She said that she was going to be quoting liberally from that book.