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Since everything in this world gets older, it means that everything was created at some point. There are only two options: Either it made itself, or it was made by something else.

Now, it couldn't make itself, because it did not yet exist. Eventually, one must arrive at the conclusion that the world and all it contains was started by something that was not time-bound and therefore did not have a beginning.

While many fine books suggest techniques to avoid common practices that depress a child's self-esteem, one factor overrides all else: self-esteem is contagious.

A century earlier, the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay were determined to exclude alien elements from their community, and they hanged four Quakers to prove it.New Amsterdam governor Peter Stuyvesant cleansed his colony of Lutherans and Quakers, and tried to do the same to Jews.The Sages (Rosh Hashanah 17a) have revealed to us a wonderful tool: "A person who forgives others who distress him and does not do or say anything negative in retaliation will have all of his transgressions forgiven." By removing your anger over the behavior of others, anger will be removed from you.(Rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler; Michtav M'Eliyahu, vol.4, p.243) Think of someone whom you have not yet forgiven.One psychologist said, "If you have given your child self-confidence, you have given him everything.

If you have not given your child self-confidence, then regardless of whatever else you have given, you have given nothing." The crucial question is: What should parents do to help their child develop self-confidence?By far the most effective way to instill a positive sense of self-awareness in our children is by developing our own self-awareness which will both lead to the discovery of our strengths and skills, and will reveal existing deficits that may then be corrected.Not only will the parents then transmit their self-esteem, the children may also benefit by observing the methods that their parents use to achieve positive feelings about themselves.As an ordained Rabbi who is dedicated to serving the Los Angeles community and renowned for his impactful sermons and popular lectures, Rabbi Yoel Gold currently serves as Rabbi of Congregation Beis Naftali.The organization, which comprises Holocaust survivors and modern American professionals, also provides charitable services throughout Southern California to people in need of food, clothing and shelter.Speed Dater is the leader in the UK singles party market.