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Among more than 280 law enforcement agencies, new recruits received an average of 58 hours of firearms training and just eight hours of de-escalation training, according to the results of a 2015 survey by Wexler's organization.

When it came to veteran officers, who usually must fulfill a yearly in-service training requirement, only 65 percent of the agencies taught de-escalation techniques. That makes no sense."Officers need to "practice patience," he said, adding that it appears White tried to resolve the situation too quickly, especially given that Touchtone was unarmed.

Officers trained in crisis intervention techniques were more likely to verbally engage mentally ill people during interactions.

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Only one officer had received 40 hours, which is considered optimal.

"The problem is, with 18,000 police departments [in the U.

The man had been hanging around the town of 1,400 for nearly a week, sitting in his car, which bore Alabama license plates, and staring at people outside the local bank.

If anyone questioned him, he said he was looking for someone, but he wouldn't say who. Inside the store, he asked the cashiers and deli workers whether they believed in God.

In 34 states, training decisions are left to local agencies.

Most, though, conduct no, or very little, de-escalation training.

Chiefs cite cost, lack of staff, and a belief that the training isn't needed. 17, 2015, a tall, light-haired man drove his car right up to the front door of Jerry's Country Meat, the only grocery store in Arlington, Ga.

He entered and proceeded to stalk up and down the aisles, quoting scripture and singing.

was that I was fired and to turn in my keys," Scarborough said, "all 14 of them."One of the store's employees, Dusti Mackey, called 911 to report the stranger, telling the operator, "I think something's mentally wrong with him. Mickey White was off-duty at the time, driving his squad car home from his shift at the Early County Sheriff's Office.

There were no other police nearby when the call came in, so White took it.

S.], you don't have any kind of uniform standards," said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, which has been working to establish a de-escalation training model.