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Perhaps that's why we didn't have a particularly productive time while we lived together.

He's about to appear in the West End alongside Nicole Kidman. He'd been offered a big TV thing, but hadn't been on stage for a while, so I said it might be good for him. With some mates you have to be careful how honest you are when offering feedback.

With Stephen, I can be entirely honest – and constructive, too. Since making his big-screen debut in the 2003 British film 'Bright Young Things', Campbell Moore has appeared on stage, with the RSC and Royal National Theatre, and screen ('Wallis & Edward', 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Season of the Witch').

actor Stephen Campbell-Moore, have announced plans to end their four-year marriage. We do, however, continue as great friends with the utmost respect for one another," the former couple said in a joint statement to the British publication Metro.

Foy and Campbell-Moore were together for about seven years.

After we finished the run, he came to live with me in Camberwell [in south London].

It was a great time to be young and in London – we were very unfocused on our work!

We'd often not bother turning up to auditions, and go cycling on Hampstead Heath instead. We were both comfortable enough in ourselves, and knew that we would be fine. But we still keep in touch – properly, not just via social media.

It was a very studenty time: loads of parties, people constantly falling in and out of the flat. After a while we just thought to ourselves: why are we still living like this? We're the same age, but we are not competitive at all. I'm not interested in giving a thumbs up if he posts a picture online, and we don't do "likes".

There are people in your life whose company you just love, with whom you can talk nonsense.

In February, the couple revealed that they separated.

It was a lot of fun, but I decided to move out after a few months as I really wasn't getting much done at all. Alan and David worked in high finance and shouted a lot, things like: "So, how's the Nasdaq, David?