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If it is not applicable, OPatch displays an error message.

Check for System Commands OPatch supports a set of properties used for various software operations.

Check the respective vendor documentation for details to set the environment variable.

Check for JRE OPatch requires JRE version 1.4 or higher to work properly.

Installed Products (118): Agent Required Support Files Assistant Common Files Bali Share Buildtools Common Files Character Set Migration Utility Database Configuration and Upgrade Assistants Database SQL Scripts Database Workspace Manager Enterprise Edition Options Enterprise Manager Agent Enterprise Manager Agent Core Files Enterprise Manager Common Core Files Enterprise Manager Common Files Enterprise Manager Database Plugin -- Agent Support Enterprise Manager Database Plugin -- Management Service Support Enterprise Manager Database Plugin -- Repository Support Enterprise Manager Grid Control Core Files Enterprise Manager plugin Common Files Enterprise Manager Repository Core Files Generic Connectivity Generic Connectivity Common Files HAS Common Files HAS Files for DB Installation Common Files Installer SDK Component JAccelerator (COMPANION) LDAP Required Support Files OLAP SQL Scripts Oracle 11g Warehouse Builder Server Oracle Advanced Security Oracle Application Express Oracle Call Interface (OCI) Oracle Clusterware RDBMS Files Oracle Code Editor Oracle Configuration Manager Oracle Containers for Java Oracle Core Required Support Files Oracle Data Mining RDBMS Files Oracle Database 11g Oracle Database 11g Oracle Database 11g inter Media Files Oracle Database User Interface Oracle Database Utilities Oracle Display Fonts Oracle Enterprise Manager Console DB Oracle Extended Windowing Toolkit Oracle Globalization Support Oracle Globalization Support Oracle Help For Java Oracle Help for the Web Oracle Ice Browser Oracle inter Media Oracle inter Media Annotator Oracle inter Media Client Option Oracle inter Media Java Advanced Imaging Oracle inter Media Locator Oracle inter Media Locator RDBMS Files Oracle Internet Directory Client Oracle Java Client Oracle JDBC Server Support Package Oracle JDBC/OCI Instant Client Oracle JDBC/THIN Interfaces Oracle JFC Extended Windowing Toolkit Oracle JVM Oracle LDAP administration Oracle Locale Builder Oracle Message Gateway Common Files Oracle Net Oracle Net Listener Oracle Net Required Support Files Oracle Net Services Oracle Notification Service Oracle ODBC Driver Oracle ODBC Driverfor Instant Client Oracle OLAP Oracle OLAP API Oracle OLAP RDBMS Files Oracle One-Off Patch Installer Oracle Partitioning Oracle Programmer Oracle RAC Required Support Files-HAS Oracle Recovery Manager Oracle Security Developer Tools Oracle Spatial Oracle SQL Developer Oracle Starter Database Oracle Text Oracle UIX Oracle Ultra Search Common Files Oracle Ultra Search Middle-Tier Oracle Ultra Search Server Oracle Ultra Search Server Rdbms Oracle Universal Installer Oracle Wallet Manager Oracle XML Development Kit Parser Generator Required Support Files Perl Interpreter PL/SQL PL/SQL Embedded Gateway Platform Required Support Files Precompiler Common Files Precompiler Required Support Files Provisioning Advisor Framework RDBMS Required Support Files RDBMS Required Support Files for Instant Client regexp Required Support Files Sample Schema Data Secure Socket Layer Secure Socket Layer SQL*Plus SQL*Plus Required Support Files SQLJ Runtime SSL Required Support Files for Instant Client Sun JDK XDK Required Support Files XML Parser for Java XML Parser for Oracle JVM There are 118 products installed in this Oracle Home.

Interim patches (3) : Patch 300100 : applied on Tue Jul 10 PDT 2008 Created on , hrs US/Eastern Bugs fixed: 300101 Files Touched: -- ORACLE_HOME/hpatch/Instances Patched: online, venkat Patch Location in Inventory: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/inventory/oneoffs/300100 Patch Location in Storage area: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/.patch_storage/ 300100_Jan_01_2007_04_57_12 Patch 100100 : applied on Thu Jun 21 PDT 2008 Created on , hrs PST8PDT Bugs fixed: 100100, 100101 Files Touched: /shof.o -- ORACLE_HOME/plsql/Dumma Dummy.class Sql scripts Executed: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/scripts/2Sql Procedures Touched: JAN_300500_1, JAN_300500_2 Patch Location in Inventory: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/inventory/oneoffs/100100 Patch Location in Storage area: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/.patch_storage/100100_Apr_22_2008_23_57_54 Patch 300500 : applied on Tue Jun 05 PDT 2008 Created on , hrs US/Eastern Bugs fixed: 300500, 300501, 300502 Files Touched: abc1-- ORACLE_HOME/jlib/Patch Location in Inventory: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/inventory/oneoffs/300500 Patch Location in Storage area: /scratch/userid/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/.patch_storage/ 300500_Nov_07_2007_04_57_14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPatch succeeded.

Interim patches are bug fixes available to customers in response to specific bugs.

They require a particular base release or patchset to be installed before you can apply them.One patch is a subset of another patch if the former fixes a subset of bugs fixed by the latter.For example, if you used is path to the location for the patch.This chapter includes the following topics: , is also available.It runs on Oracle homes without Oracle Universal Installer Patches are a small collection of files copied over to an existing installation.If the Oracle Universal Installer version is less than what OPatch requires, OPatch errors out.