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He played college football at Nebraska, where he earned All-American honors.

I started this May but it’s still in the first phase. There’s the translation piece as well, which makes it a little difficult. I also would throw in there that teams have to game-plan for me, which isn’t common. Jason Taylor once told me his one career regret was he didn’t enjoy the process. No, I’ll be completely honest, I don’t enjoy the process.I took a little French so I know enough to be dangerous, but you have to cross all your Ts and dot your Is ... I’m obviously a person that loves things to happen immediately, as I imagine most people are. Seeing them growing up and understanding and having been to both those countries and seeing how they grew up gives you great pride and at the same time understanding about how hard you need to work. And then I’d say, from a career standpoint, I want people to say I was business savvy. It was all about the chase and work toward a championship and because the championship never happened, he wished he’d enjoyed the little things more. In my personal opinion, I think we could get so much more accomplished in so little time.He was also cited for improper signaling and not carrying proof of insurance.Perhaps it would be in everyone's best interest to use the services of a chauffeur for these celebrity dates.He has won numerous awards and accolades, having been named the Defensive Rookie of the Year, while being selected to four Pro Bowls in his first five seasons, and having been named an All Pro six times.

Four times to the All Pro First team, including his rookie year, and twice to the All Pro Second team.

But it has to be done right so it takes time to go through all the due diligence. I’d love to be an owner of a team and I think the biggest reason why is I’ve been around organizations -- two now in the NFL -- and I go watch my best friend play basketball overseas and see how they run things. I understand how hard it was for them to get here, how hard they worked to get here. It’s a pride thing but the biggest thing for me is culture -- seeing how their culture is, how you carry yourself and approach things from a different perspective. But there’s also the understanding that for me, that’s possible.

I’ve seen some of the best organizations and some of the worst ... Your dad is from Cameroon and your mom is from Jamaica. People have the notion of American kids taking the easy way because everything’s kind of given to them. But there’s also [52] other players that might not be possible for.

I’ve heard you have interest in being a professional sports owner at some point, is that true? Previously I looked at buying a soccer team in Croatia.

I’m potentially looking at something in France right now. When your NFL career is over, you want people to think of Ndamukong Suh as what? One of the most dominant guys at his position that changed the game from the respect that Reggie White changed the game, Bruce Smith changed the game, I’d say Warren Sapp as well. I think I have the ability to continue to put up good to elite numbers.

I was named an ambassador in Ntankah, where my dad grew up. They talk about the pressure of football but there’s pressure of cities and countries behind you that are that much more important ... Everybody has the excitement of doing the Dirty 30 and celebrating but I was preparing for a game on that Saturday to play the Steelers. No, usually a lot of them were in reaction to things that have happened to me or things of that nature. But that third time somebody comes after you, then at that point in time you do what you have to do.