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The next day, Yuan fang came to the speed delivery shop to look for Ji Wei for lunch.

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Zhou Ji Wei remembered that she came across a newspaper article about old style dating poem.

That was the standard procedure of dating during the olden time.

Dai Yao Qi had been sending her letters all these years but he had kept it from her all these while.

He asked Ji Wei for understanding from a parent perspective and advice not to dwell on it since she has a boyfriend already.

The next day, Ji Wei bathe the dog while Dai Yao Qi was looking at her.

There was something weird about Dai Yao Qi behavior. The family was concerned about her love life and kept asking her to share about her "engineer" boyfriend.It was raining, Yuan Fang and Ji Wei met at the building.Ji Wei felt guilty for lying and asked Yuan Fang for forgiveness. Dai Yao Qi spend some time with his grandmother and dine with her at home.Ji Wei get ready to return to Taipei, her father shared with her about his concern about being a parent.He revealed a secret that he had been hiding for years.He requested Ji Wei to keep this matter away from his grandmother.