Teairra mari and trey songz dating

She is beautiful but her lackluster performance effort takes away from people accepting them as a real group instead of some random girls thrown together singing. All the celebs need to put the boots up until winter time, please not a good look, come to Hot as Houston with so boots Bey from Houston she knows she wearing boots in the summer trying to keep up with the other celebs. Glad to see her doing her music thing [email protected] marie No maam. She does not have the swagger to perform the type of music Rich Girl sings. She has her own style that always works for her - never trashy always classy.

Fabolous, Sean Kingston, Trey Songz, and “The City” star Olivia Palermo played Santa’s helpers at the New Yorkers for Children ACS Children’s Center makeover in New York City on Thursday (Dec. The celebrities helped assemble IKEA furniture for kids in foster care, making their holiday season a little brighter.

And so was Teairra Mari: When all else fails..freaky. Here's pics of Mo performing: And kicking it with DJ Clue. She is very beautiful with wonderful vocals but is not a gel with the group. @trey sorry, in the immortal words of Toni from Girlfriends, you must be at least 6′2 to ride this ride.

I haven't heard a single yet, but I wish her the best. @Monica she always looks so pretty and her make up is always on point. Not like it matters, my opinion don’t count because I would never pay to see you perform. He isn't ALL that, He is cute,but there are plenty of cute guys in the world, and he seems nasty. Teairra Marie needs to go sit down somewhere,acting like that isn't going to change her failed career. Tameka - are we having yet ANOTHER pitty party!!!!!!


R&B crooner Trey Songz has been linked to a plethora of various women over the course of his career, but his latest rumored lady love has fans wondering if it’s the real thing, with unconfirmed speculation that Trey is even ready to put a ring on it. Hit the flip for more pics that seem to confirm their coupledom, as well as a few more of Tanaya, to help you decide.

The woman in question is none other than 26-year-old model and jewelry designer Tanaya Henry, who also serves as the leading lady in Trey’s new music video “Slow Motion.” Trey was in NYC last week to hit the stage for the “Between The Sheets Tour” with Chris Brown and promote his new collaboration with SX Liquor when a BOSSIP fan caught he and Tanaya getting their love-in-the-club on while popping bottles at an after party. Adding more fuel to the fire, Tanaya also shared a few recent flicks of them coupled up on the ‘gram: You might remember that these two were also rumored to be dating back in 2013 when they hit the red carpet together at a GQ event, and you may also recognize the slimmy-trimmy beauty as the face of her popular jewelry line, which has been seen on a host of celebs including Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys and Cassie. Now all we get is low class, no talent hoochies immmitating the sex act for money. These entertainers are being used by the music industry to influence and corrupt the youth and are being paid to do it. Black people are being led down a path of destruction. Ugh, she’s just so damn obnoxious, obvious, and an opportunist. Dude does not want your little snaggle tooth self around. too damn bad...: Damn shame, you can tell whose man-less and desperate. He does look like 5 foot 7 in these pictures, lol Teyana is annoying and she's only in one picture!Wow, that's the best I've seen Monica looking in a while, please keep it up lady! I think we need to give Teairra Marie a chance, at least she's trying to pursue a singing career. On another note, Teyana they are finally waking up. Ugh, she's just so damn obnoxious, obvious, and an opportunist. Dude does not want your little snaggle tooth self around. And I’m sure yall told me before but what does Teairra Mari sing again??? PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL THE MOST HIGH'S NAME IT J-E-H-O-V-A-H (IM KINDA OFFENED THAT YOU TRIED WITNESSES ABOUT THEIR SHOES. :-): I just need to know why Trey has on those Jahovah Witness shiny black shoes on with that outfit…he just get back from prom or something? She is not cohesive performance wise to rock with the girls whatsoever. PLUS SOME OF YOU GUYS COMMENTS REALLY CRACK ME UP LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad Trey 86'd that shirt with along with them damn braids! "I ain't had no daddy aroun' when I was growin up...thass why I'm wild and I don't give a ****"....well, well, well... JYGALO: @Monica she always looks so pretty and her make up is always on point.