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I’m confident that I could live on my own because I’m much more capable of taking care of myself than my brother was and he apparently ended up just fine at college.The only problem would be my chef skills which are essentially limited to making grilled cheese, cereal, and a salad.The freedom that I am searching for is not to escape my family or anything of the sorts, but the freedom of going to a college and being myself without having the restrictions of my high school weighing on my shoulders.

Beyond excitement lies fear, which your teen is no doubt feeling in some capacity as they get ready to leave for school.

They fear the unknown, a completely new world in which they are about to enter.

It’s important to recognize that all family members will be feeling something, and to not shy away from the real issues that may come up.

Savage explains that young adults will most likely be scared, but will not usually express these concerns about upcoming changes.

You may have high hopes for this time to be special; a last chance for you and your teen to bond before they leave.

But the reality may not meet all of your expectations.

Use this time to tell your young adult how much you love them, how proud of them you are, and how much you believe in them to succeed in the world.

“I think I’m ready for life after high school, maturity-wise.

They’re worried that I couldn’t balance living on my own with my school work.

To be fair, my mom does my cooking, laundry, and cleaning so I do depend on her a lot.

Acknowledge their excitement, and be excited with them.