The elder scrolls oblivion goranga dating system

Besides it, on beauty of the heroine its availability, quantity of sexual communications, employment by prostitution influenced also.

The she made love to men more, the less man's nps reacted to it.

Thus some man's nps independently did gifts in the form of colours, ornaments, offered a hand and heart, but some roughly offered money for a night.

At the offer of a hand and heart they would become on a knee.

My real life wife spends the day at home while I'm out working, which is not that far from what I described before.

I will soon make some updates of Goranga dating system. It is not necessary for them to choose the same class like PC, because they simply can decide not to follow their parents' way. She has some packages to spend her daytime in the public locations talking with other NPCs and eating in the taverns.

BTW Does anybody have an idea of some ways of interacting with kids to void them being purely "cosmetic" addition. The example of this is when you take your kid to church and use dialog to explane to him "This is the church. After that the kid will find church, use some AI and return home without problems. I do not know, whether you will understand my bad English, but I will try.

I can alway give them some basic AI like sit, eat, follow etc. You only need to set to points "This is your home" and "This is a church". I wished to offer pair of ideas for yours a fashion dating system II which, concern only the female character, but, I hope, to you will like.

i mean, having a relationship with an NPC in a game sounds weird, but i really would like to see a decent romance with a character, and not just consider her my wifei don't know if you have played Blade Song, but i just played a part of the quest, and i got to romancing with the character, and it's quite lovelynothing too much, nothing sexual, but it's quite easy for me to relate to it, so it flows quite wellbesides, the animations and all in it are so good, that it makes it look even better (after all, isn't a picture worth a thousand words??

I think the heart of the dead companions are enough of a romance to keep me happy.

And from the parent's answers they'll decide to became a warrior or a priest or a thief... ))))You can also give them pocket money to something with....

In a life, men, as a rule, start to get acquainted with women the first, therefore it is possible, right at the beginning, at connection a fashion, to suggest the player to pass the small test which would define beauty of the female character.

One day they'll enter a guild on their choice and get certain equipement... The author of ' Companion Neeshka' mod tried it and gave it up because it works not well. The author of the ' Companion Hilda' mod based on ' Companion Neeshka' turned this option on and... While gathering ingridients Hilda runs between the plants for a long time while not being able to choose. I think, better is to script this option with the random count of herbs adding to the kid's inventory depending on the region you are passing by.... Also, it's not bad if you could send your kids to "steal" when you break into some house (if you are into thief business).