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It might be hard at times, but you'll become better off." Ruby explained that people with autism aren't really great with unexpected turns of events or things that break routine really quickly, which can make meeting new people challenging.

He was really nervous about his results, but Ruby said he shouldn't be worried. You’re going to be the same person you were yesterday, and the day before, and you’ll continue to be the same person for the rest of your life," she said.

"It might just help you understand why some things may have been difficult, or upsetting or frustrating for you…

it will give you some steps to help you understand why, and how you can work around those things if you want, or things that you don’t want to pursue anymore because it will continue to be difficult for you," she said.

Romana said relationships can work, but there does need to be a lot of education around what the autism spectrum is and how it affects a relationship. "I think that if a partner is not aware of the other partner’s condition, it's hard because sometimes those behaviours come across as being rude or 'I don’t really care'.

Whereas the two people on the spectrum would get each other." Thomas had some final dating advice for anyone on the spectrum: "If you really like someone, don’t try and shove every little bit of you into the first conversation you have with them.

Relax, understand that they’re a person just like you, they’re not greater than you, they’re not less than you." For more information on autism you can visit Autism Spectrum Australia.

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