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The album opens very strongly with "How They Getcha", a song that harks back to the days of "Live Fast, Diarrhea," fast paced, crazy guitar solos on Warren's part, some wild drumming on Josh's part, and random screaming on Dave's part.

These are the glory days of the Vandals, and I have wished for them to return to the past the past few albums. The following song "Don't Stop Me Now" is a bit more relaxed, but isn't that bad.

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The Vandals senseless charm and robust energy had been lost in a bunch of pop-punk gibberish.

"Internet Dating Superstuds" tried to take them in the right direction but only did so much.

Unfortunately, that is where a lot of the songs fall under, not that bad.

Nothing to scream about, just a step above mediocrity.

Other bonus content in this portion of the album includes a photo gallery and unobscured lyrics.

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Internet Dating Superstuds is the ninth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, released in 2002 by Kung Fu Records.

It was the band's first album after their permanent move to Kung Fu, after having fulfilled their contract with Nitro Records in 2000.

I have always loved "Live Fast, Diarrhea." I probably listened to the album way too much.

Actually, for a while, the Vandals were one of my favorite bands.

Warren is an excellent and inventive guitarist, but listening to this album, you can't really tell this much.