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"Ideally, rent should be at a price that's divisible by two," relationship expert Susan Winter tells Elite Daily.

For many people, getting an education means walking away with thousands of dollars of debt.While it may seem awkward to ask, this is something that may need to be taken into consideration when it comes to credit score and signing a lease. Though one's personal debt is individual, it becomes a shared problem when shared finances enter the relationship." If you suspect your SO has a low-key retail addiction, it might not sound fun, but sussing out if they are capable of following through with financial commitments is something that's best done sooner rather than later."The worst thing you can do is expect an individual's spending habits to change," says Ritter."Will you both have a shared credit card account, debit card account, savings account, or only pay for shared expenses through a joint account? "The way your finances will be shared needs to be considered."Ritter also says it's important to be extremely clear on what sharing expenses means to the both of you.If your partner isn't so pumped about the idea of spending an exuberant amount of money on utilities come July, then this may be an area where they feel it's fair for you to contribute more."It is unlikely that each partner will have the same spending and savings habits than the other, which can cause anger [and] resentment," explains Benjamin Ritter, financial adviser and founder of Live For Yourself Consulting."Conflict arises in a relationship when expectations aren't met or a partner feels he or she is doing more." So when it comes to money, try to avoid making assumptions and get down to the nitty gritty."Does taking on more of the relationship to-do's, [like] shopping, cleaning, taking care of kids or a pet if applicable, also count as earnings?

" Ritter asks."So often with money, it can turn into a power struggle," says Dorell.

And if you're hoping that they will pay more, since it was technically their place first, then this is definitely something that should be discussed before hand."What's seems like a necessity to you may be an unnecessary expense to your partner," notes Winter.

For example, if being able to blast the AC in the summer — electric bill be damned — is something you absolutely can't live without, then this is something that's definitely worth bringing up when discussing utilities.

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"If your partner has a heavy credit card burden, are you expected to pick up the slack? If you're thinking that your SO would be totally cool with you using shared money to pick up the after-work happy hour tab, and that's not the case, then you could run into problems.