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Whichever type of underwear you prefer, go out and buy a new pair today—trust us it'll make you feel great!

We've all had the urge at one point or another though..ridiculously long line to ride Space Mountain at Disney World, that insane line at register 9 in Walmart as a result of only two registers being open at the time for some ungodly reason...yeah, we've all considered skipping the line no doubt.

Some of you have even said, "f*** this", and cut the line anyway — but we don't recommend you cut in front of a Libra woman.

If that seems too complicated, consider how much the average woman spends on makeup that looks like no makeup at all.

Both things are meant to enhance the beauty that's already there and frame it in its best light.

Your underwear on any given day is hidden from most of the world. And even if that person is none other than you and maybe your cat, you should take pride in your boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or any combination of the three.

Not only will it make a better impression on your eventual sexual partners, roommates, or pets, but it will also make you feel good.That must suck a bit to some degree — a Sag man's sits on a crowded bus, and smack next to him is some overweight guy who's knocked out sleeping and snoring all in his ear.He can't get up and move away because the bus is crowded, and the dude next to him is not only snoring but on top of that he's drooling out the sides of his mouth too..man, a total It doesn't matter if you are Joseph Gatto (from Impractical Jokers) and you're "looking for Larry" while simultaneously cutting the line, a Libra woman is going to call you out on it.isophonia, which is too called selective sound sensitivity syndrome.It's when you have a strong dislike or hatred of specific sounds, e.g.You wanna see a Capricorn man get angry and metamorpihize into a gigantic, green, overly muscular monstrosity?