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If a toy's greatest fears are abandonment, then the worst thing that could happen to a toy is that its owner grows up and tosses the toy away.This is the case in Toy Story 3, which comes 11-years later.

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Disappointed, Woody escapes - but is soon found by Bonnie, and taken to her home.Back at Sunnyside, the toy leader is a plush teddy bear, Lotso (Ned Beatty), who seems to welcome them with open arms, but very soon, things turn out to be quite the opposite.Toy Story 3 comes to us on a 4-disc combo set, comprised of two Blu-rays, one DVD, and one Digital Copy disc.It's not entirely clear as to why there are two Blu-rays, but I'll address that below.The colors are fully saturated without ever feeling overblown, there is no noticeable compression to speak of, and the best part of the transfer is the immaculate detail in every shot.

Textures are so lifelike that you can almost feel every bit of vinyl, plastic, and cloth as though it were an actual real-world item.

Hair - and especially fur - is amazingly realistic, not to mention the organic material like trees and grass as seen in the outdoors sequences.

The rendered look of the film is more realistic than the past two Toy Story films, with soft shadows, depth of field, and HDR lighting all helping sell the environments as tangible locations. The primary track is a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 English one, and it's about as reference quality as they come.

The last act of the film is exciting, heartbreaking, and incredibly moving - if you don't have tears in your eyes during the last scene, then your own humanity can rightfully be called into question.

The vocal acting is top notch, and the story pacing pitch-perfect.

Barbie (Jodi Benson) even finds her match, Ken (Michael Keaton), and everything seems to be happy.