Travis and katy perry dating

He wrote he had been addicted to pharmaceuticals since he was 15 years old.

They got engaged and were married in October of 2010.

Their relationship, however, quickly turned sour and they were divorced just 14 months after getting hitched.

Per , Russell brand sent Perry a text message on December 31, 2011, to tell her that he was divorcing her.

Katy revealed that she hadn’t spoken to him or heard from him since he sent her that text message.

Robert Ackroyd During the first half of 2012, Katy dated yet another guitarist.

John Mayer As far as Katy Perry’s dating history is concerned, John Mayer is considered to be her most high-profile relationship following her divorce with Brand.

"They just took a break because it was the best thing for them at that time, [but they] are seeing each other again.""Katy and Orlando want this to work this time, so they are working on mending their relationship," the source continued.

"They've had some really good talks and have a better understanding on their needs.

After murdering his landlord, Johnny either fell or jumped to his death from a rooftop.

Per , Perry broke up with Travie via email and blamed the breakup on his drug use.

The relationship appeared to be in a good place until they split up in February of 2014.