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Mr Tymchyshyn added: “It means a lot as there are so few left of the generation which came over in the late 1940s.

Yaroslaw Tymchyshyn, chairman of the Association of Ukranians in Great Britain's Bolton branch, said the visit was hugely significant.

He said: “He is like the prime minister of the Ukranian Catholic Church and we recognise him as a patriarch.

The Archbishop will bless the food and meet as many people as possible.

He will also meet The Ukrainian Bishop of the UK and Ireland, Bishop Lonchyna Hleb and Bishop John Arnold of Salford.

Although Orthodox Christianity has a history of not messing with politics, this is not quite the case for any of the Ukrainian churches.

As of now, there are four major churches in Ukraine: The Ukrainians first became Christian when they weren’t even a separate state.

“We feel we should have been consulted on the issue but weren’t — this shows a distinct lack of consideration to an ethnic minority group that has been in Bolton since 1948.” The first generation of Ukrainians in Bolton arrived in the 1940s and included Yaroslaw’s father — Mychajlo.

Mr Tymchyshyn explained that his father and others were forced to flee their country as they had fought against the Red Army during the war and would have faced the wrath of Joseph Stalin, had they stayed.

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The Christianization of Kievan Rus’ happened in stages but it was more or less done by the beginning of 11th century. This was just a few years after Rus’ even accepted Christianity and now all of a sudden the Christian world was divided.