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It’s even easier for the short-lived 2008 metal Mac Book, which has a pop-off bottom panel for easier hard drive replacement.Replacing the hard drive of the unibody Mac Book Pro requires only a handful of steps: backing up your old drive (preferably using Time Machine), removing the bottom cover of your Mac Book using Torx screwdrivers, removing the hard drive, replacing it with the SSD, then reattaching the bottom cover.

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If you’re concerned about damaging your Mac during the replacement process, you can opt to have a tech-savvy friend or local Apple repair store handle the SSD replacement for you.

And if you prefer an external drive — and don’t mind cutting the performance benefits down somewhat — there are some good, though more expensive options below.

At that time, a consumer 1TB drive cost around ,000, and Apple wasn’t even attempting to sell one. SSDs are faster, more reliable, and a lot more affordable.

Today, excellent quality SSDs start at (120GB), climbing to 0 (250GB), 1 (500GB) and 0 (1TB) — still not as cheap as traditional drives, but better.

After installing a solid state drive (SSD) with no moving parts, the drone of my i Mac’s hard drive and fans has given way to such an absence of sound that I only hear the high-pitched squeal of my office lights. Even with 400GB of available space, OS X Yosemite’s constant hard drive accessing had brought my quad-core, 3.4GHz Core i7 machine to its knees.

Now I’m seeing five times the hard drive speeds, apps are loading instantly, and my i Mac feels as responsive as the Mac Books and i Pads that beat it to the SSD game. ) reasonable SSD prices and a desire to try a DIY project, I walked through the steps to replace a prior-generation i Mac’s hard drive with an SSD.

This is an easier solution, and the one I’d pick if installing an SSD in the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro’s physical size and multi-drive-ready internal architecture make it an ideal candidate for an internal SSD.

Similarly excited readers have pointed out that older Mac Books and certain other Macs are also easy to upgrade…

but at least one Mac (surprise: the Mac mini) is not.

But with an SSD, there’s another step: you’ll need a 2.5″ to 3.5″ hard drive adapter bracket such as Newer Tech’s Adapta Drive () to mount the tiny SSD inside a large hard drive bay.