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Along the Right is KFM (F3), Information about a loaded file will appear here.F4 displays/hides the Reference Browser; this window displays documentation on the currently selected block.

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The aim of this section is to introduce the interface of Nif Skope, and its various functions, and provide examples of some common activities.

By default, we have our usual File, View menu along the top, with a bar underneath for quickly opening and saving files. Along the left, we have the Block List (F1), This is where the hiearchy for a loaded is shown.

Now, clicking run will scan through the chosen path, looking for any matches.

View: For Hiding/Unhiding Nif Skope panels and further customizing the display.

To the right of that, is the render window, where a loaded should be visible.

The block along the bottom is Block Details (F2): An item selected from the Block List will have it's details listed here.Column separators can also be resized to suit your needs.These menus all surround the 3d view, which will display the currently loaded Checking "Recursive" will allow for searching into subdirectories, as well as searching by file extensions provided.Click the Block Match button to select a node/property/data.Draw Furniture: Files containing Furniture Markers have data to represent where an actor will interact with the mesh.