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However, eventually you need to store information for use tomorrow or next week.You can store it in a cookie that you set to last after the session is ended, but the information is vulnerable. The user can delete or change the information at any time or can refuse to accept the cookie.

For example, the following command copies the default file to a user's public_html directory.Replace For more information about how to use custom files, please see this article.You can edit files directly on your server using Notepad .Note Pad is a Windows based program that has FTP capabilities.In order to edit a backup copy of your files, you will want to use FTP to change the files.

Below is a general step by step on how to edit files though the File Manager.For more information about how to use custom files, please see this article.In PHP 5.3, Zend Optimizer changed to Zend Guard Loader.To be available and stable, the information needs to be stored somewhere secure, where no one can access or tamper with it. Information can be stored on the server in flat files or in databases.Flat files are text files stored in the computer file system.You can either modify your web site's code to make it compliant with the new version, or you can revert PHP to the previous version.