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(Note that the code might not in sync with the latest web site.) Xml Text Reader reader = new Xml Text Reader (" reader. Since CLI supports enum types, so node type is represented as an enum type, not likely W3C Document Object Model represents as integer. (Note that there is another XML node type named XPath Node Type.) The enumerated values are: (Looks curious?

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Get Attribute(), indexer and Move To Attribute() are overloaded as to take three set of arguments. Especially, when you created Xml Text Reader and Xml Validating Reader with file name argument, don’t forget doing this.When the attribute specified by name(s) was not found, then Get Attribute() and indexer returns null, and Move To XXX() returns false (they return a boolean value). Sometimes (mainly for legacy documents), you might want to parse XML documents without correct namespaces.Reading XML Documents with XMLReader, by Atsushi Enomoto Here I start XML guide from “XML Reader” interface. If you just want to look into document structure easily, this “XML reader” won’t be convenient. Xml Reader leaves behind almost all information what it has read, so it is suitable if you would like to handle huge XML documents. This section starts with its node infoset properties (somewhat boring, but it needs to be described).It is used to read XML and to provide XML information set. Well, to understand why I don’t recommend Xml Reader for easy usage, let’s dive into some live code. These properties are available for current node: Note that they are somewhat different from the W3C DOM API.Yes, it is not compatible with W3C DOM - DOM does not contain End Element, Xml Declaration, Whitespace nor Significant Whitespace.

And also, it is not “Infoset” - XML Infoset is not aware of difference between Text and CDATA section.) Read() moves to the next node. It is created with an Xml Node, and you can get Name, Prefix, Namespace URI and Value the same as Xml Text Reader (of course, they are already available by each node’s properties). If you want to validate with RELAX NG grammar, find about Relaxng Validating Reader. If you want to do the similar task like such one for Xml Text Reader over Xml Document, you can use Xml Node Reader. Mono supports DTD, XML Schema and RELAX NG as validation languages. NET supports DTD, XML Schema and XDR (XML Data Reduced). NET), the validation feature is implemented in Xml Validating Reader. You can use Xml Text Reader to parse XML text data. There are a few classes that extend Xml Reader to provide reading functionality over streams, and over already-read documents. You can write your custom text parser to read the content, but there is much more easy way to parse XML.Skip() skips to the next node (skipping the matching End Element of current element node if any) of the current node. An element node contains zero ore more attribute nodes.