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The check digit may be an X, otherwise the ISSN is fully numeric.

The ISSN is not connected with ownership of the journal, nor does it confer copyright or protect the title of the serial from use by other publishers. Under the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 and the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, all publications, including individual issues of serials, must be deposited with the British Library whether they carry an ISSN or not. which use the ISSN as a fundamental identifier for distinguishing between identical serial titles and facilitating checking and ordering procedures, collection management, legal deposit, interlibrary loans etc.

The ISSN-L will be available for use when there is a need to identify and link to a continuing resource without regard to format, for example in services such as Open URL, library catalogues, search engines or knowledge bases.

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The two systems are complementary and can be used together on the same publication.

On an annual, for example, the ISBN will identify a specific volume (e.g.

who use ISSN based barcodes within their own internal systems in order to assess and control magazine/newspaper circulation.

The ISSN UK Centre is responsible for assigning ISSN to serials published in the United Kingdom alone.

1996 edition, 1997 edition) whilst the ISSN identifies the title and stays the same each year.

ISBN should not be assigned to specific issues of periodicals and should not usually be assigned to any title published more frequently than once a year.

The bar code is constructed in the following way: It should be remembered that the ISSN UK Centre is concerned with the titles of serials, and their identification. If publishers have queries about the ISSN, then they should contact the Centre, but if they have a query about the barcode itself they should contact the Professional Publishers Association (PPA).

When a serial is available in more than one physical format and a separate ISSN has been assigned to each format, the ISSN Network designates a linking ISSN (ISSN-L) from one of these ISSN.

Information concerning the other ISSN National Centres can be found at the website of the ISSN International Centre.

ISSN numbers can be issued in advance of publication via the application form which can be completed and sent online, or printed out and faxed / posted to us.

An eight digit number was considered by ISO to be sufficient as the basis for numbering the entire population of serials.