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Also, why don't you look them up in the dictionary – see the search box on the right side of this page – to see what tenses are used in the example sentences.

How To Start Your Personal Ad Your personal checklist Introduction letter Your first meeting Tips and Articles Information in Dutch Russian Holidays Dating flow chart Russia Maps Russian visa's Avoid dating scam guide Report Scam How to find a Russian women Russian Dating Scams Dating scams are most of the time organized by men pretending to be Russian women seeking love! Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. This is why we have created this topic Never send money to a woman listed in any kind of internet dating or matchmaking agency, if she asks for it. I think it will be a good idea to use the service of this agency. Please read the whole topic about dating scams) (*) I use on purpose the words 'the person', because most of these 'scammers' are men pretending to be Russian woman and who are using stolen photo's from professional models or women from real agencies. , more specific I can say for 99.5% (according to reliable sources).

All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Hello awal.bd, I'm afraid that very general questions such as this one are very difficult to answer completely accurately, but I'd say that in general, no, these two adverbs don't work well with the present perfect.If you have a question about a specific sentence, by all means please ask.So, the chance is present, but if you prepare yourself in a proper way, the risk of being scammed can be reduced to almost zero.One of my favorite quoted expression is: "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." (Benjamin Franklin - 1706-1790) But there are also many variants, that are 'close' to swindle practices, but not (yet) labeled as real illegal organizations.It's you who has to make the choices, but making the wrong choice can cost you a lot of money.

Better be sure than sorry, so don't leave right now, we are not finished yet.This oppurtunity, I'd like to ask something please? 'sees' and 'seems' are third person singular present simple forms; 'saw' and 'seemed' are past simple forms.So, how do you explain these words' differences: see, seem, sees, seemed (or maybe there're other similiar words) ? If you're not sure about a word, you can use the dictionary – see the search box under Cambridge Dictionaries Online on the right side of this page.You can read more about IELTS, and find many useful preparation materials (including practice tests and sample answers) on the British Council's site for IELTS candidates: Take IELTS.You can find preparation courses at British Council Teaching Centres in your area, and also check where and when to take the test. Peter The Learn English Team Dear Team, Hello, I'm Komang from Bali-Indonesia. I am very happy and thankful for the recordings British Council provided. Regards, Komang Hello Komang, There are two different verbs here: 'see' and 'seem'.SM An essay is really a collection of or a flow of information that has been gathered about a particular topic, so what we are trying to do is get the...., get our students to understand a particular argument and defend the argument within an essay format.