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Also, is it a bad choice to buy the 2016 model now (they have a runout sale on)?

Guess who Mazda are targeting in 2017 – not people looking at KIA, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda similar sized SUV's, Mazda specifically says in the news article their 'target market' is people who currently own a CX-5 and want to buy a 2nd or 3rd CX-5 for themselves/their-family Parents just had their car towed to a shop to have battery replaced.

Imagine the stock they will have in inventory (sitting in their warehouses) to hit this 2,500 sales target Australia wide per month.

A newspaper publication in AUS confirmed the new CX-5 will be available in May 2017.Same article mentions Mazda is on track to sell 25,000 CX-5's in 2016 (about 2085 a month) Australia wide In 2017 they want to sell 18% to 20% more (29,500 to 30,000 – meaning about 2,500 sales a month).Find the best hand selected sex dating sites listed and sorted by quality!There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!Apparently, it should not be less than 100 microns!

Anyway, I am arguing with Mazda now as they are denying it and do not want to cover this issue under the warranty.

Not sure if this is an NRMA issue or a CX-5 issue so perhaps have that in mind when looking at a new cx5 That is hilarious! Had 3 Mazda before and what I am going through now is not a pleasant experience.

I wish I haven't bought it as I am experiencing rust on the roof already.

An additional body colour, called Soul Red Crystal, will be used as the SUV’s launch colour.

It has 20 per cent greater colour saturation and 50 per cent more depth than the well-known Soul Red that is currently the brand’s hero colour.

Otherwise, it is a great car and love the driving but disappointment with the paint is too big to buy it again ;) I know my next car won't be Mazda and will most likely choose a European car.