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Just a note on "plantation camps", it will probably mean something different here than you may be used to on the mainland.

I am really ambivalent about the term popolo; I do not see it as a racial slur per se, just a descriptive term.

Problem is, the term originated as a reference to very dark-skinned people, i.e.

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I was wondering what it's like for Black women living in Hawaii. Most Hawaiians could care less about your skin color; they look at your heart color. I'm a young Black woman considering going to college in Hawaii. You will have almost the same level of discrimination on Hawaii as you have on the mainland, and it will be from the same people as you get on the mainland.I, for example, am light brown in color and resemble many Hawaiians and other Polynesians. On several occasions when one person in a group I was in referred to me as "one popolo," at least one other would be confused when he found out it was I he was referring to. I attended UH as a grad student, though, and that experience was sort of isolated, cocooned and a lot better than being out there in the workforce. So as a college student you shouldn't have TOO many problems, but don't go looking for a job or really work outside the school environment.

Popolos were never hired in as plantation labor for the sugar camps like the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and some of the Portuguese were so we don't have a lot of them like we do of those who immigrated in as one of the former work groups.

There is a lot of pride in having come from plantation workers within those groups since the plantation camps here were structured a lot differently than they were in the mainland United States.

It was contract or indentured labor and brutal hard work but there was a thriving social community in the camps which we could use in our current society.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I know your questions are specific to you, but it would be helpful to those of us who live here if you said WHERE you might matriculate. Depending on the area you are coming from, it is likely there will be a whole lot less black folks and a lot less white folks but a whole lot more of every other sort of folks than you are used to. "Da popolo one" will be an identifier and not a racist remark.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. (Use the "Search" feature at the top of the page.) Lots of races, cultures. There aren't that many black females since most of the black population we have here arrived via the military and they are heavily skewed towards hiring males.

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