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"My particular concept that I'm working with them on," she continues, "is this surprise delight and the Blue Box. "I'm not here to do an interview about myself." You are great at dancing around the questions. But I protect those that are in my life, that were in my life," she says referring to - possibly - everyone from Robert De Niro to Eric Clapton to Flavio Briatore to Sean Diddy Combs . "And I don't think it is fair to speak about them and involve them in a question, if asked, when I don't think they should be involved. So you can open it up and find anything surprising in it - anything, in terms of a gift." Looking 20-feet tall, Ms Campbell stands up momentarily to take a gift of "one little square of chocolate" from her London PR. I can easily imagine her tumbling off them, onto the ground, as she infamously did in 1993, wearing those nine-inch Vivienne Westwood platforms at a fashion show. The bassist proposed to Teixeira at Carnival earlier this year, the BBC reports.

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Clayton and Teixeira will be celebrating the nuptials over a three-day reception in France this weekend with 150 guests.

The supermodel appears as happy when she's waxing lyrical on a popular brand of Irish kebab, as she is when she's holding forth on the joys of Yves Saint Laurent, Prada or Gucci. It's nice to know people for so long and still have a relationship. Sitting in the dressing room in Dublin, the superstar is wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe ("I'm freezing! Naomi now has a cotton bud, with which she is dabbing her eye. Naomi Campbell came to it at 15 years of age, in 1985, when she was discovered, as she window-shopped in London's Covent Garden, wearing her school uniform, by a lady called Beth Boldt.

"I have great memories of doing the Madonna book," she recalls. "I posted a picture for her birthday from the book recently! To some, the images were akin to pornography; to others, they moved things on in terms of how sex and sexuality were viewed. If I am jet-lagged and I can't sleep, it's the worst." I have this perception of you that you live on planes. You talked on Oprah about having an abandonment issue (Naomi never knew her father)? "Gavin did my whole album," she corrects me, referring to Baby Woman, the 1995 album that Dublin-born arthouse singer Gav produced. We speak regularly." (There is a story - possibly apocryphal, but beautiful anyway, and worth retelling here - that Naomi, Bono and Gavin Friday sang We Are The Champions by Queen at Mr Friday's 1992 wedding in the Clarence Hotel.) Would you do more music? Just like a quick guest appearance, like on Quincy Jones's The Secret Garden. But I don't know if I have the time to do another album." What's your singing voice like? "I think everybody should try something; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but at least they can say they tried. "I like the element of surprise." There is nothing psychologically you would like to learn about yourself?

"I think Madonna, as we know, is someone that says what she wants and she does what she wants. "It depends what I'm doing," she smiles, "and where I am. "I'm not," she answers coldly, "discussing that right now." That told me. It is just a great movie." Did you grow up on NWA and rap music in south London? I grew up with reggae music, with Bob Marley [Naomi, aged just seven, was cast in the video for Marley's Is This Love? I think the best process was being with Gavin and working with him and trusting him, because he's great. talent is God-given, be humble; fame is man-given, be thankful; conceit is self-given, be careful. Naomi Campbell was actually lovely and, as such, I loved her. The superstar is practically tucked up in the pink, fluffy bath-thingamajig; she seems so relaxed at this stage.

And she is ahead of her time in a lot of the things that she does," says Naomi. Anna Wintour is really happy." You once said that with designers like Gianni Versace, Azzedine Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, and Karl Lagerfeld, you were "part of the creativity". "Yves St Laurent and Alaia and Gianni and Karl and Marc Jacobs," Naomi answers."They would ask you certain things when you were doing your fitting. If I'm filming and I'm wrapping late, I go to bed late. Flustered, I ask her instead what the last movie she went to see was. He's so talented." I had read all the stories, good and bad (mobile phones thrown, etc), about Naomi Campbell before meeting her. I imagined her and her life as some sort of a cautionary tale along the lines of .

According to the endless testimonials in fashion magazines to the wonder of Naomi, it could be argued that Naomi Campbell is ahead of her time, too. So you felt part of the collaboration of what was being styled, and what you were going to wear on the runway; as opposed to now - I don't think some of the girls get to know the designers like we used to before." "He was an amazing man," she says. Adam popped the question to his girlfriend of four years during Carnival in Brazil in February and the couple are planning to celebrate their nuptials with a second ceremony and lavish reception in the south of France this weekend.U2's Adam Clayton married Brazilian model Mariana Teixeira in a low key ceremony at a Dublin registry office this morning. ' I say, teasing the world's most famous model e-vah, dahlings. Naomi, who is arguably the world's most famous, most photographed model, is an incredibly divisive figure. When, in 2004, in Britain's High Court, Naomi won her breach of confidentiality claim against the Daily Mirror - for publishing a report about her drug addiction, including a photograph of her leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Chelsea in February, 2001 - its then-editor Piers Morgan said: "This is a very good day for lying, drug-abusing prima donnas who want to have their cake with the media, and the right to then shamelessly guzzle it with their Cristal champagne." Others have been more complimentary. The people around me have been around me for many, many years; my school friends, my girlfriends from school - they are still around me. It is important for me to keep solid relationships." Naomi Elaine Campbell was born in London in 1970. When she was a baby, Naomi and her mother Valerie moved to Rome until Naomi was four, when they returned to London. I think modelling has become more competitive now than it ever was before, but there were so many dancers then, trying to get their Equity Cards and stuff." In 1987, Naomi appeared on the front of British Vogue. ("I can't even begin to explain what this cover meant to me," she has said. I just did my work." Are you still, underneath it all, quite a shy person? "I cry at movies." I say to Naomi that when I interviewed Diana Ross 20 years ago, she said: "Black don't crack". You wonder is Naomi OK that everyone seems to have an opinion of her - informed, mostly, by people who have never actually met her. Did you learn subconsciously how to walk on the catwalk from watching your mother dance? "Yeah," she answers, "but dancing at that time was very competitive. I think it is part of growing." What have you learned from mistakes? Rock Stars and the Models Who Love Them Clayton was previously engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell for a few months in 1994, but the two broke things off after a few months of dating.