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And for some odd, bizarre, difficult-to-explain reason, every appearance was scheduled for a Friday night. It was as if every event or appearance his label arranged was on a Friday night. As D-day for the release of Alex’s album approached, the people at Island started setting up promotional appearances; TV, interviews, the whole nine. They wanted to use his song “Too Close” to launch a new version of Internet Explorer.

In the end Abraham didn’t have to give up anything. It was a nice idea – in theory – it wasn’t so nice when it meant throwing away your entire career.

It was fun to produce and the songs were really good.

A religious Christian would be thrilled to host a televised Christmas special.

Not so for an up-and-coming growing-in-observance Jewish pop star.

And then one day God told him to sacrifice his son.

He had to do it – he knew that – he didn’t have a choice.

And not just his future, but the future for generations after him.

But because he was willing to give it up – to sacrifice everything – he created his future. He succeeded not in spite of his sacrifice, but because of his sacrifice.

His rabbi told him about Abraham (you know, Abraham, the biblical patriarch).

No one was ever going to book that crazy, religious fanatic, I-am-too-good-to-perform-on-Fridays-or-ever Alex Clare ever again. Alex discussed his life with his rabbi (Rabbi Dovid Tugendhaft of Nishmas Yisroel in London).

By the end of the Microsoft campaign, Alex’s album – The Lateness of the Hour – sold six million copies.