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Alt kunne bruges på et vrag,” siger Steen Johannsen.”Åge har en fantastisk evne til at overbevise folk.

She would tell me it was s*** and I needed to work harder. But he came to one of my gigs and started telling me how to play.‘I thought: “What the f*** is he doing coming here after playing no part in bringing me up and telling me how to play.”‘It became a bit of an obsession with her and it turned me off the whole concept,’ he says.De blev senere i forløbet uenige, men er nu atter venner.”Åge er en fascinerende person, en moderne pirat, der har sine egne regler og laver plat på hvad som helst.Dengang vi dykkede sammen, skruede, savede og sprængte vi.This is so cliché Kennedy that it is almost laughable.

At 54, the violinist may no longer be the enfant terrible of the classical world, but he still has the punk rock attitude and much-derided mockney accent.

All of the German crew escaped U-534, but three died from exposure in the water.

They were then picked-up by lifeboats from a lightship approximately one mile away.

Since his arrival on the classical music scene in 1989 with his version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons - one of the most successful classical albums ever, with two million copies sold - Nigel has been sneered at.

Sir John Drummond, for example, was one such purist.

Så var Åge klar til at handle, og støberen fik travlt med at fremstille flere ørne.