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'And it would mean a lot to me to have my big brother at my wedding.''I wouldn't miss it,' George told him, manfully grabbing his shoulder -- with Sheldon awkwardly patting his hand.'Is it just me or did we just patch a tire? While he was away, Amy was horrified after getting pink eye that spread among all the friends - except Penny - with the bride-to-be complaining: 'My fiance is a germaphobe.

If he finds out I'm contagious he'll never come back from Texas.''What if we tell him the theme of the wedding is The Walking Dead and this is our zombie makeup? Luckily it turned out to be bacterial, and Amy persuaded Sheldon to stay in Texas a little longer, hiding her bad eye on their video chat to shield her real reason.

Sheldon said his brother 'tormented me my whole childhood' and insisted: 'I'm a grown-up, and if I don't want to invite him to my wedding I'm not.'After a pause he added: 'Except I have to because my mommy's making me.'George seemed to be just as against it, with his phone telling people to leave a message 'unless this is Sheldon again, in which case try me on my other number, 1-800-SUCK-IT.'Sheldon persuaded Leonard Hofstadter [Johnny Galecki] to join him on the trip, and after some brotherly bickering, George finally told Sheldon: 'You want me at your wedding, all you gotta do is ask nicely.'When he did, George told him: 'I would rather swallow a pregnant wildcat and crap out a litter of kittens.''It's fitting that you got into tires, because you are tiresome,' Sheldon complained.

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The episode ended with Raj Koothrappali [Kunal Nayyar] meeting a woman in line at the chemist's also with pink eye -- and asking her right off to be his date at the wedding.Scenes for the big day were then shown in a teaser for the upcoming season, with Sheldon in black tie seemingly coming across Amy in her wedding dress before walking down the aisle and telling her: 'Wow, you look amazing!Jerry O'Connell donned an impressive mullet to play Sheldon Cooper's butch brother on Thursday's episode of The Big Bang Theory.The 44-year-old Hollywood star made a special guest appearance on the TV comedy as George Cooper, almost the complete opposite of nerdy Sheldon.' George asked, with Leonard telling him: 'If it makes you feel any better, my mom's most proud of Sheldon, too.'Leonard then took George to Sheldon's room, where they had a heart-to-heart, with George saying he had to look after the family when their father died, saying 'mom was a mess', but he hid it to protect him.'You're my baby brother Sheldon.

I know life has been hard for you, but that don't mean it's been easy for the rest of us,' George told him.'I'm sorry,' Sheldon finally told him, clearly heartfelt.

“Thank you guys so much for sharing my broken heart with me,” she said of the win, which officially helped her become the artist with the most wins in ACM history.

"Tin Man" appeared on Lambert's 2016 double album “I make it my mission every single time I step on the stage that no matter what, no matter where I am, I want to make you feel everything you could possibly feel.

There’s no word yet on whether Sheldon’s fraternal twin sister, Missy, will be in attendance at his wedding.

Missy also appears as a regular on “Young Sheldon,” played by 10-year-old actress Raegan Revord.

At long last, “The Big Bang Theory” will introduce a much-talked about, but never seen, character in the Season 11 finale.