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It's hard for Marcos to be in his neighborhood, but being at school isn’t much better. Can Molly overcome her insecurities and finally take a chance?

Her outgoing twin, Cassie, thinks she's got the perfect guy for Molly, but Molly’s finding herself more drawn to a nerdy coworker.

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Tina lives on the streets of Kenya and becomes part of a gang to survive. Sixteen-year-old Nina experiences sex, betrayal, loss, and a dysfunctional home life, all while trying to understand what it means to be female in the world and whether love can ever be truly unconditional. The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic. The world-building will be familiar to Bardugo's fans, and readers new to her Grishaverse have the pleasure of knowing they can take further excursions into this world. Traditional fairy tales are refreshingly twisted, re-created, and wrapped in gorgeous illustrations in this stand-alone collection of six short stories. Marcos’ coming-of-age transforms him into a different son, classmate, and friend.

When a teacher recommends him for a program for struggling students, he begins to realize there may be options outside Maestra.

Now with a new name, in a new state, and at a new school, Nate’s hopes for a new life are coming true, but then his past comes knocking at the door. It takes all of Ricky's willpower to survive and escape.

Nate was 14 when he killed his father, the leader of a white supremacist compound called The Fort. Ricky and the other children endure unimaginable atrocities as they are trained to kill.

Minos' thirst for power gets him into trouble with Poseidon.

The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur is given a modern spin in this darkly humorous novel in verse. But as they begin to show their true colors, Wendy finds her own strength.

When Jack begins to hallucinate, August is determined to protect him.