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Listening to the old Brit bands and being surrounded by English culture really helped me find myself.

The whole process of the album and my music is celebrating that British culture ? I think when it comes to music and people it’s about honesty and sincerity and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if the record feels like its real and sincere, it will connect with any person.

Because they’ll be interested in finding out about you as a person and they’ll be able to feel is connected o you personality. I’m not the best guitarist, so I felt really limited in writing songs because I only know about five chords and that’s not really enough to write a song. and she’s going on a long, -esque journey about enlightening a city.

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I produced my own record, I write my own songs, I buy my own clothes for the gigs, and I have my own style.

You’ve said that the way you recorded the album represents where you’re from. When I was in LA, I needed to go back to England to find myself again because that was where I was from.

And hopefully 2011 or 2012 we’ll be starting an animation.

it will be available to buy online from the 6th of May. My mum teaches history, English and religious education and my dad also teaches.

Not in a rude way, but you know, in the past it was really weird people telling me what I had to wear and all those kind of things.

When I look back on it know I can’t believe that I went ahead with it because I’m so hands on with my project now.Raised on ska and reggae, Brown layers lovelorn lyrics of songs like "Crying Blood" over almost-jolly 1950s pop rhythms, crafting a mood that's both somber and playful.The artist calls her most recent album, , a Polaroid of what was happening in her life while she was writing it.Her first few singles – “Shark In The Water”, “Crying Blood” and “LEAVE!” – energetically blend classic soul and blues influences with indie rock hooks and R&B swagger. hotel room a couple weeks ago that we reached V V via phone to chat about writing the songs for What do you do to prepare for a live performance? I was in a talent contest and I played the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist and I sang a song called “Consider Yourself”, which is from the musical Oliver Twist.Sometimes what happens with artists is money changes people ? Even if I sell a million records, I’ll always go back to the beginning to try and recreate that same spark. I went to Nigeria with him and a whole load of other musicians. He writes all the time and he always goes back to the beginning, which is why every Gorillaz record you get it feels like the first one. And when he was doing that, I was like, a little girl.