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Stockholders in the company become unit holders a/k/a beneficiaries of the trust.The trust units are not tradable but shares of stock in a company that has dissolved are typically are no longer tradable either.

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The solution depends on what an estate professional recommends.

Factors to consider include location; the number of items remaining after family members have made their selections; high-value items and collections; and the needs or desires of the family.

• Provide a vehicle to wrap up loose ends when lower value or less liquid assets remain. 101, can qualify as sale or exchange of shares for Federal Income Tax purposes allowing stockholders to recognize loss to the extent the cost basis of their shares exceeds the per share value of assets transferred to the liquidating trust.

• “Liquidation” into trust can end officers’ deferral period for severance payments under IRC 409A, depending on specific company circumstances. • As the winding up process progresses, the trust is readily administered on an as needed basis, versus retaining a corporate officer trying to move on with his/her life.

Some professionals offer clean-out service and are also appraisers. Estate sales are usually conducted for a percentage of the gross proceeds of the sale.

Thirty-five percent is the national average, but you should always inquire about what is included in that commission.A good estate sale professional answers your questions, including whether an estate sale is the best option for you, Julie Hall says.(Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Christina R. Louis) How does the family begin to liquidate the contents of an estate when a loved one dies?• Liquidation into a liquidating trust in accordance with Rev. • Continue active research participation in collaborations or other research activities for long periods; • Continue employee benefit programs for long indefinite periods; • Provide a tradable security for unit-holders. It’s our job --- and it’s not a job any executive or employee of a client company sought or signed up for. In an industry where a “successful” company may not sell any products and a majority of programs fail, familiarity helps.We understand how value can be perceived in high risk programs but we are familiar with “biobucks.” Practical financial, legal, transactional and operational experience.• Lower burn rate versus costs of maintaining company infrastructure.