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Kaili, their older sister, had been inducted years ago and is, frankly, an uninspired initiate. “Are we going straight there,” asked Dani, “or are we picking someone up on the way? “We’ll be picking her up and heading straight to Madam Simila’s domicile.” “Domicile? ” I was still staring at Dani, who was still staring at me. And, as I said, Ryan’s parents do not want her to wait. I shook the little girl’s hand and thought about what it will be like to see this little beauty naked. “Ok, fine, mom.” Ryan said, almost irritated, and finished with “Let’s go.” She was saying it to me and grabbing my hand, leading me away. Or sometimes bi-sexuality.” “Is that when they suck each other off? ” And that started a round of giggling that didn’t stop until Ryan was stepping out of the car. Not that they don’t usually, but my mistress has a special flair for such things. “You said she could come.” “I did and she can,” I told the eight year old, “but you need to get her now and say goodbye to your families.” And, with that, they both ran off, presumably to say goodbye and retrieve Dani. ” Ryan asked when they arrived back two minutes later.

But since Dani had been so enthusiastic about our practices, I held out hope her little sister would follow suit. ” “Picking someone up,” I replied, “I think you two know her? I had not answered her question and now she knew I was not going to. My mistress knows this and she has consented.” “I didn’t think she could just change the rules.” Dani said. She had known me 60 seconds and she was already set to go off in a strange car with me. If it’s not there already, the girl is simply inappropriate for initiation. Guy on guy, girl on girl, guy on girl, whatever.” “Guy on guy? I looked over at Dani as if to say, See, now look what you’ve done? ” Ryan asked, surprising me further with her vocabulary. “Or when they copulate.” “When they fuck each other up the ass.” Dani finished. “Yes, as long as you do not break your hymen.” “Cool! Our first day involved a great deal of preparation. You won’t see them again today.” “But, Dani is still coming, right? “Now we take you to the Nestling room.” The Nestling room is set up a little like a classroom, in that is contains a few desks for the children to sit at.

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My mistress and I had had her at a few bacchanalia since her admission into the society and I have to admit, she’s a very talented fuck, with quite a number of unusual proclivities and fetishes. My mistress was one of those eight year olds.) Bella Thorn, a few months from her 9th birthday, is a stunning creature. I opened up the limo door and watched the two lovely ladies get in. ” She nudged her sister, who had a confused look on her face. ” “And that is understood.” I said, walking up the driveway. I had watched Bella and Ryan greet each other like they were old friends…and I suppose they were. And then I thought it wouldn’t be proper to have an erection for my meeting with Ryan’s mom, who was also at the door. She knew who I was (we had only met once, a number of years ago), what I was here for. We chatted a few minutes and I told Ryan’s mom that Jessica was more than welcome to join her sister. This is done, however, to take some of the planning, and stress, away from the current priestess, or the Paculla Annia, who organizes the entire affair. The first two days are at the typical locations, a mansion and a converted compound.

(A note here, again, for the uninitiated: Parents of such young girls typically join very early and then, staying in the sect as they raise a family, help induct their children in the group when they reach proper age, usually between ten and twelve. We monitor every one of our families carefully and I had been paying very close attention to this particular one. “Bell, honey,” said Dani as they both emerged out their front door. He’s HER messenger.” She emphasized “her,” knowing full well who my mistress was. I got in myself, sitting opposite the sisters and told James to drive. My dark eyes settled on Dani’s and I could tell she was going to ask the question. “Ryan’s onl…” “Ryan’s parents have requested her attendance at the Bacchanalia,” I said, cutting her off. “However, those issues have been taken care of.” “Taken care of? “Ryan Newman is a scant two months from her eighth birthday. When you are 7 and 8, six months feels like forever. Ten year old Jessica wasn’t ready, Ryan’s mom said. On the third day, however, we will be holding all of the festivities at my mistresses estate, which means this years final night will include all manner of depravities.

No initiate is allowed to stay after their 40th birthday.

That means I have only four years left to enjoy the pleasures of the Bacchanalia…and my mistress.

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We do not own, produce, host or sell the content displayed on this website.For those who do not know, the Bacchanalia is a wild and mystic three day festival every March that celebrates our God Bacchus (Dionysus to some).The day ceremonies include a great deal of pomp and circumstance, but the night ceremonies typically involve only drugs, alcohol and sex. As a rule, no one older than twenty is initiated, though many initiates were inducted much, much earlier and a few special worshipers have been brought in after their twentieth birthday.Here you will find the finest looking people from all around the globe that really have everything that you could ever ask for and that really like getting down and dirty with some wild kinky action.There are loads and loads of Maids vids to see here with all sorts of different categories where you simply can't go wrong!“She’s here.” she said, Ryan following right behind her. Michelle used the woman as an example, spreading the young woman’s butt cheeks. Rimming, the manipulation of the anus by the mouth and tongue, is also common.