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This form of uranium usually decays into a stable lead isotope but the uranium atoms can also split – a process known as fission.

During this process the pieces of the atom move apart at high speed, causing damage to the rock or mineral.

Edmunds has generations of experience in fabrication of aluminum and steel with a strong track record that is hard to find. have had the pleasure working with Edmunds for over 30 years.

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Instead, other methods are used to work out a fossil’s age.

These include radiometric dating of volcanic layers above or below the fossils or by comparisons to similar rocks and fossils of known ages.

Kramers wanted to use uranium‑lead techniques to date South African caves and Pickering ended up doing greenfield research for her Ph D, developing a uranium‑lead dating technique for the flowstones (geological material that forms at the base of stalagmites) at three of the country’s big hominid sites: Sterkfontein, Swartkrans and Cooper’s Caves.“The isotopes we work with occur in very low concentrations in the rocks we analyse.

There’s more lead in a fingerprint than in my samples, so I have to work in an ultra‑clean lab; the air heavily filtered to avoid lead pollution coming in from petrol fumes.“My role is to set up the uranium‑thorium and uranium‑lead techniques of uranium series dating in the lab here at UCT to be able to continue the work of dating the homind sites.

I am currently working on a new project with Edmunds that would just not be possible if it was not for their versatility as a company and the experience they have to offer in the industry.

Edmunds Metal Works is a very attractive source for small to medium quantity fabrication jobs.In the other she has a helmet, climbing harness, ropes and carabiners, all set to abseil down to a cave at Pinnacle Point, a dizzying drop above the foaming sea at Mossel Bay.(She’s Pickering has worked mainly in South African caves (dolomite makes for good caves) with their rich deposits of early human fossils.Knowing when a dinosaur or other animal lived is important because it helps us place them on the evolutionary family tree.Accurate dates also allow us to create sequences of evolutionary change and work out when species appeared or became extinct. These are: Where possible, several different methods are used and each method is repeated to confirm the results obtained and improve accuracy.Edmunds Metal Works is dedicated to providing the most cost-efficient solutions to custom metal fabrication needs for our customers specialized needs.