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I was lucky enough to find someone very special who surprised me half way through my stay.This lady is beautiful, educated, great family and could be the lady I marry.We loaded up the Biggest Chiva bus in Barranquilla, "El Nojoda"... Every gentleman has a special lady by now :), Over 85 Excited people, Lively Beautiful Ladies, then added Live Colombian Music, get on board, it's an Experience You will never ever forget... Are you ready to Follow Simple Directions and Start Enjoying Your Life?! Sam, Here is my testimonial and I will send more pictures soon.

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Like Sam says it is truly a life changing experience.

For less money than you would spend vacationing elsewhere you could be hanging out with beautiful woman who are interested in you.

I will never date a USA woman again and will marry a Latin lady; there is no comparison.

If you think I can help you with any questions give me a call.

My ideal partner should be someone intelligent, loving an…

hello dear my name is Kiresto am 30 years and i was born in Togo i owe my own business so i travel alot ..i buy and sell jewelries .There are many competitors to choose from but I chose I love Latins because of Sam's honesty.You will only hear good things about Sam Smith and this is why I chose I love Latins.Am still single and new in these online dating site .Am hoping to find someone who will have time for me and maybe be my business partner or my dear love to help me bi…We connected in a very natural way and I also got lucky because she speaks perfect English.