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I only give it as a sample of the com- plications of the subject.

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The forms of speech fall into strongly-marked dialects, in some, into separate lan- guages ; by which I mean that, in some cases, they may be mutually unintelligible.

The isolation of the Australian languages has often been insisted on.

The populations which speak them are called, by Mr.

Blood nsi Tliint ike Tooth kryn His hareake, mereke Day nathi Out's go-ainke Sun na Tour's gai-ainke, inke Star sora Theirs hari-ainke Fire mi One ka Water pankha Two nishi Tree rawa Three sang Stone phunglu Pour le I go Five gno Thou gai Six ruk He, she, it hari Seven chani We govki Eight yoh Ye gaivki Nine guh They harevki Ten sashi.

One of the forms of tribute to a certain con- queror of one of the branches of the Khyens was the payment of a certain number of beautiful women ?

The nar- rative about the conqueror is their way of explaining it.

The Kooch of Kooch Behar, as spoken by the Mahometan and Brahminic sections of the name.

It is with the Hayu, and Kusunda group, or, at least with the languages to the west, that the Dhimal appears to have its closest affinities.

The Lepcha spoken in Sikkim, is, like the Limbu dialect of the Kiranti, a written language ; though its literature is of the scantiest.

The proportion which these Indian elements bear to the rest, DHIMAL AND BODO.

Hodorson, to whom all the details are due, the Broken Tribes.